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¡Viva la Revolucion!

UPM Raflatac and Partners to exhibit innovative RFID solutions at NRF - Retail's BIG Show - in New York City

5Stat Smart Jewelry Showcase on display at University of Arkansas RFID Laboratory

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Leading The Way With Customer Engagement And Business Intelligence Technology

If there's one thing 90 years of serving retailers have taught us, it's that they may share the same overall goals, but each retailer is unique. At 5Stat, we specialize in comprehensive business solutions tailored to individual retail environments and operations.

We understand the business challenges retailers face in a competitive, fast-paced world:
  • Keeping up with consumers who want everything to be more, better, faster-and on their terms
  • Properly securing merchandise while giving customers more freedom
  • Effectively serving an ever-increasing world audience and diverse clientele
  • Finding more efficient ways to manage, train, and track employees
  • Using retail space strategically based on what's catching customers' eyes-and what's not

Just to name a few.

Meeting these needs can be difficult. Especially if you're stuck piecing together individual technology solutions into a cohesive business system-trying to make off-the-shelf solutions fit in unique environments.

There must be a smarter way. And there is.

Our innovative use of the latest technology, including radio-frequency identification (RFID) and digital merchandising, offers the complete and customized solutions retailers need to better serve customers and streamline business operations on all fronts.

With our Smart Digital Access technology, our integrated solutions provide the latest business security options available while allowing you to also gather the business intelligence you need to track and trace inventory that will allow you to focus on building customer interaction/engagement and growing your business.

Want to find out how smart retail business really can be? Explore our solutions to learn more...
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